About Us

Started in 2002, we have a vision of providing a wide range of mobile phone accessories to North American region and Worldwide. We have gradually developed into an enterprising and innovative team focused on introducing the latest and most useful mobile phone products to the North American market.

Having a focus on the ever growing hand held devices market and keeping track of the latest developments keeps us as the forerunner in this market. We continually bring better products and services to help you make the most out of your devices and appliances.

Delivering top class and technologically superior products has been our trademark. Now we are very focused on bringing high quality leather case, design covers, hands free solution, chargers, data cables, etc… to the North American region. Our aim is to bring protective, high quality, stylish cases for all the latest phone models. With up to date market information and customer trends along with our keen insight, we are able to foresee and forecast market movements swiftly and with reliability. Being in the innovation field, we reinvent ourselves continuously to adapt to the daily changing environment.


We are proud to be a team comprising of bright and hardworking individuals who work towards our vision. We all strive to serve our customers in the best possible way.